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At Drona Logitech, we are more than just a logistics company – we are the architects of seamless supply chains, the navigators of global trade, and the enablers of business growth.

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Order Placement

The process begins when a customer places an order for goods through various channels, such as a website, phone, or in-person.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory involves monitoring stock levels, replenishing items as needed, and avoiding overstock or stockouts. It ensures a balance between supply and demand.

Order Warehousing and Storage

Goods are stored in warehouses or distribution centers. Proper organization, storage, and retrieval processes ensure efficient inventory management.

Last Mile & Distribution

Transportation mode (road) based on factors like distance, cost, and speed.

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At Drona Logitech, we are at the forefront of the 3PL/4PL Industry, harnessing innovation and technology to revolutionize Physical Supply chain through our services. Our team is committed to integrating the latest technological advancements into our operations, ensuring that we can offer cutting-edge solutions that are ahead of the curve. Through the use of advanced digital platforms, real-time tracking systems, and predictive maintenance software, we are able to provide efficient and reliable logistics services that are unmatched in the industry.

By leveraging innovation and technology, we are not just in the business of running stereotype SCM Business; we are in the business of shaping the future of logistics. Our forward-thinking approach allows us to stay ahead of the digital era, offering our clients strategic advantages that go beyond traditional logistics. At Drona Logitech, you can trust that we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, ensuring that your business stays at the forefront of innovation and technological advancements.

Leading the industry by providing customised, tailor-made logistic solutions that empower customers to optimise their costs while leveraging tech excellence, reinforcing a dedicated, digitised and sustainable experience.

By 2027, our goal is to establish ourselves as the unequivocal and most trusted strategic logistic partner for our customers, entrusted with the seamless management and execution of comprehensive 4PL operations.

Order Placement

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Benefit from our years of expertise in the logistics industry, ensuring efficient and knowledgeable handling of your operations.

Trust in our track record of dependable and streamlined logistics services, delivering your goods on time and with precision.

Leverage our advanced technological solutions to optimize your supply chain, providing real-time tracking with our in-house developed i-SMS app, accurate inventory management, and data-driven insights.

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